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Social media without rage?

26 Mar 2022

It is common knowledge that social media "algorithms" (or perhaps "heuristics" if you prefer) in 2022 seem to amplify rage. We, the users of these platforms, are not the customers of the companies that provide them. Instead, our attention is the product that social media companies sell to advertisers. To maximise the amount of attention we pay to the platform, the platforms are optimised for "engagement". The platform shows us things that will "get a reaction", which often means make us angry or frightened enough that we feel compelled to respond immediately. Other folks have written about this sort of effect when they describe the rage economy, postjournalism, and so on.

Tags: tech-industry ux media politics

Vi vs Vim vs Emacs

25 Aug 2021

There was some chatter at work recently about vim vs emacs. Here are some of my thoughts about which editor I prefer when, and why.

Tags: unix linux vi vim emacs ed org-mode UX
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